The new Fujinon XF30mm f/2.8 R LM WR Macro lens will be added to the line-up of interchangeable XF lenses designed for X Series mirrorless digital cameras this month.

Angled view of the Fujinon XF30mm f/2.8 R LM WR Macro lens with the bundled lens hood fitted. (Source: Fujifilm.)

The XF30mm f/2.8 R LM WR Macro is a standard prime lens with the focal length of 30mm equivalent to 46mm in the 35mm film format. Capable of true macro photography at a 1:1 magnification ratio, it offers a substantially reduced minimum working distance and greatly improved close-up performance. Its compact design makes it possible to take maximum advantage of X-Series portability, while its natural perspective enables it to be used across a wide range of categories including portraiture and snapshots.

The optical design contains 11 elements in nine groups and includes three aspherical elements and two ED elements. Internal focusing is driven by a linear motor that drives the focusing group of elements, to deliver fast and highly accurate AF in as little as 0.02 seconds. The focusing operation is quiet and smooth even for close-ups. The minimum working distance of 10cm and the maximum magnification ratio of 1:1 (equivalent to 1.5x in the 35mm film format) means fewer distance constraints for the subject matter.

The optimisation of optical design and production processes has reduced barrel parts in the lens mechanism to successfully achieve a compact form factor. Metal is used for parts that come in contact with a user during lens operation, while other components have been reviewed thoroughly to reduce weight. The result is a compact and lightweight lens weighing 195 grams and measuring 69.5 millimetres in length with the filter thread size of 43 mm. The lens barrel is weather-sealed in nine places so that it is dust and weather resistant and can be used in temperatures as low as -10.

The Fujinon XF30mm f/2.8 R LM WR Macro lens will be available in November 2022 at an RRP of AU$1129. Click here for more information.