Fujifilm has announced the release of the Shoe Mount Flash EF-60 and the Wireless Commander EF-W1, expanding the range of accessories for its X Series and GFX System of digital cameras.

The new Fujifilm EF60 Shoe Mount Flash. (Source: Fujifilm.)

Featuring a xenon flash tube and a high-luminance white LED light  for illumination, the EF-60  (RRP AU$699) boasts a maximum Guide Number of 60 (ISO100・m and flash coverage setting at 200 mm). Fujifilm’s first radio-controlled wireless shoe mount flash, its head can be adjusted by 90 degrees upward or by 180 degrees either left or right to allow the light to be bounced off a wall or ceiling to simulate natural light and avoid harsh shadows. The flash coverage ranges from 24 mm to 200 mm, with close-up extension to approximately 16 mm when the built-in diffuser is used. An Auto Zoom function adjusts the coverage area based on the lens angle of view. A TTL mode automatically calculates the optimum exposure, while manual adjustments are also provided. The EF-60 also allows FP High-Speed Sync at shutter speeds as fast as 1/8000 sec. A built-in receiver supports the NAS (Nissin Air System) wireless communications system for remote triggering. Power is provided by four AA batteries and the EF-60 comes with a dedicated diffuser, mini-stand and special carry pouch.

The new Wireless Commander EF-W1 (RRP AU$349) uses radio-controlled wireless communications to remotely trigger EF-60 flashguns. It can simultaneously control multiple remote flash units, using different settings in up to four groups and supports the NAS (Nissin Air System) for radio-controlled wireless communications. The EF-W1 allows users to control the output in 1/3EV increments for both TTL and Manual modes, with manual output levels as low as 1/256 available for fine-tuning flash output.

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