Canon Infinity has added four new 100% cotton and OBA-free papers to its popular Arches range of fine art matte inkjet media.


The Arches paper mill dates back to 1492 and is the only mill in France that still uses a traditional cylinder mould process for creating its fine art papers. The new, 310 gsm Arches 88 is designed for general printing and has a smooth matte finish and bright, pure white base colour. Its smooth surface makes a great base for highly detailed images and the bright and neutral colour suits both vibrant colour subjects and subtler monochromatic prints. At 19 mil thick, it’s a sturdy paper that will hold up to frequent handling and portfolio applications. Click here for full details.

Arches Aquarelle Rag is a ‘watercolour’ paper with a characteristic texture, based on traditional fine art papers. It has a very even and natural grain with a ‘felt-marked’ finish that’s complements images with rich contrast or texture and is also suitable for minimalistic photos. Like Arches 88, Aquarelle Rag still has a very neutral and clean base colour. With a weight of 310 gsm, it is even thicker at 21 mil, making it ideal for exhibition prints. Click here for full details.

The other two papers in the Arches lineup are both based on the classic BFK Rives printmaking papers: Arches BFK Rives White and Arches BFK Rives Pure White. BFK Rives is one of the most popular and versatile papers for printing, and Canson Infinity has adapted this classic for inkjet use in two forms. The White paper offers a classic natural white base with an 85.32% whiteness rating and 98.5% opacity, while the Pure White provides 97.26% whiteness rating and 99.12% opacity and is a better foil for images with vibrant colours. Otherwise, both papers are essentially the same; both are 310 gsm papers measuring 20 mil thick and both have a super-smooth, clean finish that complements a variety of subjects. Click here for full details.

Kayell offers a Discovery Pack that includes two A4 sheets of each paper type, to enable photographers to try out the four different surface finishes, base colours and substrate types before committing to larger sizes. Click here for more information.