Accessories specialist, Megadap, has released its first automatic adapter, the ETZ11, which will allow Sony E lenses to be used on Nikon Z-mount cameras.

The new Megadap ETZ11adapter. (Source: Megadap.)

The Megadap ETZ11 is the world’s first automatic adapter to enable the full range of Nikon Z mirrorless cameras (both Full frame and APS-C) to use Sony E-mount lenses. It also supports a wide variety of third-party Sony E-mount lenses in both automatic and manual mode, enabling users of Z-mount cameras to choose lenses from Zeiss, Sigma, Tamron, Voigtlander, and Samyang (Rokinon). It is also first of its kind to be compatible with manual lenses without electronic chips. Camera IBIS is supported in AFS/AF-C/MF modes. Auto aperture control and Aperture coupling (aligned aperture values showing on the aperture ring) are also supported as well as smooth real-time focus tracking.

The Megadap ETZ11 is made from plated aluminium alloy and just 2 mm thick. It features a protected circuit board and a specially designed release button to make it easy to fit and remove. A USB update tool is included with each ETZ11. Updates are easily achieved by connecting the clip-on electronic contact spots on the adapter and plugging the USB end into a computer. Users simply drag the updated firmware downloaded from Megadap official website into the pop up folder to complete the process.

The ETZ11 Automatic Adapter for Sony E to Nikon Z cameras is available now from the company’s website at US$249. Click here for full details