Leica Camera is releasing a high-resolution variant of its esteemed Leica M10, the M10-R, which offers a resolution of more than 40 megapixels.

The new Leica M10-R with the 50mm f/2 APO-Summicron-M ASPH. Lens. (Source: Leica Camera.)

The new sensor in the M10- R delivers a significantly enhanced rendition of details and supports a native sensitivity range of ISO 100 to ISO 50,000. The maximum exposure time has been increased to 16 minutes, enabling long exposures with the use of a tripod. The Leica M10-R is equipped with the same shutter as the Leica M10-P, which is exceptionally quiet and operates with minimal vibration. These features make the new camera ideal for landscape and architectural photography.

As with all of Leica’s rangefinder cameras, the construction of the M10-R involves a large proportion of manual assembly by highly trained specialists, carried out at the company’s production plant in Wetzlar. It will be available from 20 July, 2020 at an RRP of AU$ $13,500. Contact Leica Camera Australia on (03) 9248 4444, or email info.lcau@leica-camera.com for more information.