Leica Camera’s M11-P is the world’s first camera to store metadata by attaching Content Credentials at the point of capture to protect the authenticity of digital images.

Users of the Leica M11-P can prove the authenticity of their images through automatic embedding of Content Credentials metadata (shown above) at the point of capture.

It has become increasingly important for photojournalists  and other content creators to distinguish their images from the multitude of ‘fake’ images produced by various forms of manipulation. This problem threatens the basis of photographic reporting.  By adopting the use of secure metadata in compliance with the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) open-source standard, the new Leica M11-P camera will enable photographers to prove the authenticity of the images they create. The Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) is an open-source standard that allows information such as names, dates, changes made and tools used to be securely embedded, giving users of the content valid evidence of the file’s origin.

When the “Leica Content Credentials” function is activated in the camera menu, the Content Credential logo is visible in the display and every image taken by the Leica M11-P is reliably signed using a special algorithm. The image thus receives an unalterable and verifiable proof of camera model, manufacturer, and image attributes. The authenticity of these certificates can be verified and examined by means of free CAI open-source tools at any time. They prove whether an image is available in the original or in an edited version and in the latter case, they provide insight into the history of the content changes. So, photographers can demonstrate the authenticity of their pictures from the moment they are taken to the time they are published. The authenticity of images can be easily verified at any time using a freely available, open-source CAI tool or by visiting https://contentcredentials.org/verify.

The Leica M11-P is available now at the Leica Store and Gallery Sydney, the Leica Store Melbourne and the Leica Store Chadstone, as well as the Leica Online Store and authorised dealers at an RRP of AU$15,190.