Leica Camera has released a new professional camera app, Leica LUX, which enables iPhone users to simulate Leica Looks and try out camera controls and popular Leica lenses.

The new Leica LUX app provides access to a full range of camera controls on an iPhone. (Source: Leica Camera.)

The new app is a tool that can be used by experienced professionals to enthusiastic amateurs and enables users to experiment with well-known Leica lenses without having a camera in their hands. In ‘Aperture-Mode’, iPhone photographers can take pictures with the characteristic signatures of a range of classic Leica lenses and emulate photos with their characteristic looks. This means every aspect of a photo can be composed to reflect the photographer’s personal preferences.

The free version of Leica LUX includes access to the Automatic Photo mode and the Aperture Mode, including emulation of the Leica Summilux-M 28 mm f/1.4 ASPH. and five Leica Looks. Users can update to Leica LUX Pro for an AU$9.99/month subscription or $99.99/year subscription to enable additional access to manual control of the exposure, focus and white balance, and the growing range of eleven Leica Looks and five Leica lenses. The range of functions is being continually expanded. The app can be found by searching on ‘lux’ in the apple App Store or downloaded via this link.