Venus Optics has released the smallest 2x macro lens for full frame mirrorless cameras to date: the Laowa 85mm f/5.6 2x Ultra Macro APO lens.

The new Laowa 85mm f/5.6 2x Ultra Macro APO lens. (Source: Venus Optics.)

Available with Canon RF, Leica M, Nikon Z and Sony FE mounts, the new manual focus lens weighs only 259 grams (for the Sony E mount) and provides twice life size magnification with a minimum focusing distance of 16.3 cm. It features an apochromatic design with 13 elements in 9 groups, including three extra-low dispersion (ED) elements to suppress chromatic aberration and eliminate colour fringing within both in-focus and out-of-focus areas. The internal focusing design means the barrel does not extend during focusing. This prevents the front element from hitting the subject and reduces opportunities for dust to enter the lens.
Because depth of field is extremely shallow at macro magnifications of 1:1 or more, most photographers will choose to stop the lens down from its maximum aperture of f/5.6. The lens accepts 46 mm diameter screw-in filters.

The Laowa 85mm f/5.6 2x Ultra Macro APO lens is currently available to order on the official website of Venus Optics and authorised resellers worldwide. Recommended Retail Price in the US (without tax) is US$449 for the Canon RF, Nikon Z, Sony FE lenses or US$499 for the Leica M mount. Shipping will start in early December.