The latest version of the popular image watermarking application, iWatermark, represents a major rewrite of the original version.

The new version features a more flexible user interface (shown above) that works better on high resolution monitors. It is also 60% faster and more optimised, while maintaining automatic collection of output and providing more watermark types. Users are able to resize and rename files, create thumbnails and watermark batches of photos with a single click. They can also import and export watermarks to share with colleagues and the software can work in the background while other tasks are addressed.

iWatermark is an excellent tool for protecting your images when posting them on social media, including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, SnapChat, WhatsApp, WeChat, MeWe, Tumblr, Reedit, Telegram and MeetUp, to name the most popular. Users can create watermarks that are visible, subtle and invisible to mark images as their property, no matter where on the internet they are posted. No free trial is available but once the app is purchased from the Microsoft Store there are no limitations or restrictions.  This app is purchased only one time then all the updates and new features that will be added will be given free of charge. Click here for full details of the latest version.