Hong Kong based manufacturer, H&Y Filters, has announced a new series of black mist filters plus an adapter ring that eliminates the need for step-up rings for different filter sizes.

The new H&Y Black Mist filter, shown attached magnetically to a Revoring adapter on an interchangeable-lens camera. (Source: H&Y Filters.)

The new black mist filters are designed to create a hazy glow that suppresses highlights, smoothes out skin blemishes and adds a cinematic look in both stills and video applications. They fit onto the existing REVORING Variable Step Adapter via a magnetic clip and come in two sizes (46-62 mm, 67-82 mm) and three grades (⅛, ¼ and ½). Cinematographers can use them to create a film-like ambience by creating a ‘pastel effect’ that adds a glow to highlights while the contrast in dark areas in scenes is mostly retained. In stills photography, they can be used to add a vintage effect. The filters can also be used for beauty and fashion shooting applications, where they will subdue blemishes and wrinkles without a loss of overall image quality.

All the products are ready to order via H&Y Filters official web store and  authorised resellers. They will be shipped around mid-August to Early September. Pricing varies in different countries.