The latest version of DxO’s PhotoLab image editor, PhotoLab 4, introduces a new DeepPRIME technology based upon artificial intelligence and deep learning.

New DeepPRIME algorithms developed using a structure called ‘convolutional neural networks’, and using a database of images accumulated over 18 years of analysing and calibrating thousands of cameras and lenses have resulted in superior raw file processing and the ability to combine demosaicing and denoising into a single operation. This removes noise and renders photographic information without reducing colour detail. Transitions are smoother and more natural, and users gain nearly two ISO sensitivity values compared to the earlier version of the software, DxO PRIME. Other new features in PhotoLab 4 include a customisable workspace, batch file renaming and an Advanced History tool that enables users to display group adjustments for complex edits. Users can also embed a watermark in images and check the results immediately, making adjustments through seven blend modes to accommodate background lighting variations and ensure the watermark is easily visible. Intuitive image synchronization makes it easy to apply edits to multiple images.

DxO PhotoLab 4 is available as a free 30-day trial download, as an upgrade for US$49.99 or to purchase the program as a whole for US$99.99. Click here for more information.