The latest update to the Nik Collection suite of plug-ins adds perspective correction and improved interaction with Adobe software.

Comprising more than 200 special effect plug-ins, the Nik Collection has been popular with photographers for many years and covers eight groups of adjustments. The non-destructive workflow is a completely new feature and exclusive to Nik Collection 3. With the TIFF MULTIPAGE file format, Nik Collection 3 can combine an input file with your original Lightroom edits as well as any changes you’ve made using Nik Collection 3 plugins. You can save both sets of edits in a single file. Perspective Efex automatically corrects geometric distortions in your photos by using reference lines or automatic correction. It uses a database created from DxO’s optical modules and is the only plugin on the market that can automatically correct distortions to the shapes of bodies and faces located along the edges of wide-angle photos.

Effects are accessible with a mouse click and they can be combined in multiple ways. Other features new to the Nik Collection 3 suit include a Selective Tool and a Last Edit feature that lets you re-apply your last edits with just one click of a mouse. The new Quick Edit option can re-apply the last plug-ins you used without needing to launch the plug-in interface.

A free 30-day trial download is available here. A special launch price makes the collection available at up to 30% off the regular price for a limited period. Click here for more information.