Leading drone manufacturer, DJI, has released a new DJI RS 3 Mini, a lightweight handheld travel stabiliser developed specifically for supporting mainstream mirrorless cameras.

The new DJI RS 3 Mini gimbal in use. (Source: DJI.)

With a smaller body that weighs just 795 grams, the DJI continues the excellent stabilisation performance of the RS 3 series in an all-in-one design that is both compact and portable. It can carry a total weight of up to 2 kg, enabling it to support a range of mainstream mirrorless camera and lens combinations, including full-frame and APS-C models from Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Sony and cropped-sensor cameras from other manufacturers like Fujifilm and OM Digital Solutions. A powerful motor ensures stable footage, including during zooming. DJI’s third-generation stabilisation algorithm as found in the RS 3 Pro, has been utilized in the RS 3 Mini to provide outstanding performance, whether the user is running, shooting at a low angle or in flashlight mode.

A new, dual-layered quick-release plate makes it easy to swap the camera between horizontal and vertical orientation. By attaching the quick-release plate to the vertical arm, vertical shooting can be achieved without the need for additional accessories. In addition, the gimbal rotation angle is not limited, compared to traditional vertical mode. The RS 3 Mini also features an upper plate with a new curved placement guide, which prevents the camera from rotating and loosening. Other features include a Wireless Bluetooth Shutter function that is compatible with most of today’s mainstream mirrorless cameras and a 1.4-inch full-colour touchscreen, M mode button to switch between the gimbal’s three custom modes and front dial for focusing, all within easy one-handed reach.
The integrated battery handle of the RS 3 Mini provides up to 10 hours charge, meeting the needs of a day’s shoot. It supports charging during use and can be fully charged in as little as 2.5 hours. The NATO port on the side of the body opens up more shooting options by connecting various accessories such as DJI’s Briefcase Handle, external fill lights or microphones. Users can also extend their shooting capabilities through use of the Ronin app.

Click here to visit the official SkyPixel site to try out the RS 3 Mini. It is available to purchase from AU$539. Full details can be found at www.dji.com/rs-3-mini.