DJI has released the new Mavic 3, which features a 20-megapixel 4/3 CMOS sensor with a two lenses in a sleek and compact form that weighs less than 900 grams.

The new DJI Mavic 3 drone. (Source: DJI.)

Designed primarily for  aerial photography enthusiasts, the Mavic 3 will be available in two models: the standard Mavic 3 and the Mavic 3 Cine, which features support for Apple ProRES 422 recording and comes with 1TB of onboard SSD storage for faster data transfer. Both versions are constructed around the 17.3 x 13 mm CMOS sensor, which was designed in partnership with Hasselblad, and the two lenses: the main Hasselblad 24mm f/2.8-11 lens, which covers an 84 degree field of view and produces 5280 x 3956 pixel images and the secondary telephoto camera based upon a ½-inch (6.4 x 4.8 mm) CMOS chip with a 15 degree field of view and a maximum image size of 4000 x 3000 pixels.

The Mavic 3 is capable of recording 5.1K video at up to 50 fps, or 4K video at up to 120 fps and captures an accurate colour palette through use of the Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS), which was introduced to DJI cameras with Mavic 2 Pro. Up to 1 billion colours can be recorded with the 10-bit D-Log colour profile, offering natural colour gradations and advanced flexibility in post-production. The Mavic 3 Cine comes with Apple ProRes 422 HQ encoding for a maximum data rate of 3772Mbps, giving professional users a powerful tool to satisfy post-production needs

The new Mavic 3 also features improved obstacle sensing and navigation systems to give drone pilots the guidance they need to stay safe. APAS 5.0  combines inputs from six fish-eye vision sensors and two wide-angle sensors, which seamlessly and continuously sense obstacles in all directions and plan safe flight routes to avoid them – even in complicated environments. The omnidirectional obstacle sensing system also enables more intuitive subject tracking, while ActiveTrack 5.0 allows Mavic 3 to keep pace with the subject as it moves forward, backward, left, right, and diagonally, and fly alongside as well as around a moving subject. A powerful positioning algorithm that improves hovering precision with signals from GPS, GLONASS, and BeiDou satellites.

The Mavic 3 Standard version retails for AU$3,099 and includes the Mavic 3 drone, Intelligent Flight Battery, RC-N1 Remote Controller, three RC-N1 Cable a, Battery Charger, Storage Cover, three pairs of Propellers and other essential items.  The DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo retails for AU$4,199 and adds a Battery Charging Hub three extra pairs of Propellers, an ND Filters Set (ND4\8\16\32) and a Convertible Carrying Bag to the basic kit. The DJI Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo retails for AU$7,199 and includes a built-in 1TB SSD, support for Apple ProRes 422 HQ video recording, an additional ND Filters Set (ND64\128\256\512) and a DJI 10Gbps Lightspeed Data Cable. Click here for more information.