Colorcinch has announced the release of the new ChromeOS and Android app versions of its online all-in-one photo and text editing software.

This screen grab shows the frame addition feature of the new Colorcinch app.

The developers have partnered with Google and the ChromeOS team to offer users an extension of two free months on their premium subscription, Colorcinch Plus. As a new release, Colorcinch will be featured on the Chromebook homepage as well as the Google Play Store. It will be available to users that are online and offline. The app will still work when users are not connected to the internet.

Some of the key features that make Colorcinch online photo editor stand out from its competition are:

Intuitive User Interface – It is simple to use yet doesn’t hold back with a full-suite of features and tools not seen on other photo editing apps.

AI Powered – Experience the beauty of AI-powered photo effects and editing tools

Save, Share, Organise – Allows users the ability to save their projects online, and access it from anywhere in the world to resume editing

Huge Library of Options – Extensive library of handpicked and customizable overlays, masks and filters. Over 2.5 million photos, graphics, and icons. The most extensive library of stock photography, premium vector graphics, and icons available freely in an editor.

The promotion can be redeemed by downloading the app here.  Click here for more information about Colorcinch.