Sony has announced it will stop production of its α6100, α6400 and α7 II cameras due to delays in parts procurement caused by the global shortage of computer chips.

The Sony α6400, one of the three camera models whose production has been halted due to semiconductor chip shortages. (Source: Sony.)

The worldwide semiconductor chip shortage has been affecting multiple industries in the past six to eight months and lend to shortages in vehicles and cameras as well as Sony’s  PlayStation 5 consoles,. Production has also been suspended for the Handycam HDR-CX680 camcorder, the VCT-P300 tripod and VCT-MP1 Multipod, which haven’t been manufactured for several months. Sony isn’t the only camera manufacturer with product supply issues; Canon, Ricoh and Fujifilm have also been affected, with stock shortages announced for the EOS R3 camera, restricted availability for the Ricoh GR III and GR IIIX and delays announced for the Fujfilm  33mm f/1.4 and Laowa Argus 35mm f/0.95 lenses. Leica is reported to be delaying the release of the Leica M11 until 2022.

Sony has notes it will ‘consider’ whether to resume production of the affected products, based on the status of parts supplies. It issued the following statement: We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers.