Capture One is terminating the Capture One Express application that was bundled as a raw file converter with certain Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony cameras, effective 30 January 2024.

From 30 January, current users of Capture One Express will be unable to download and access the software and those who own an Express license key won’t be able to activate it. All support will also be withdrawn and RAW files and edits will no longer be accessible. While Capture One Express can still be used until the end of January, users should make sure they transfer their files before the application is closed.

The company is shifting its focus to expanding its subscription and licensed tools and is offering a 40% discount to users who subscribe to one of its main products. Users of Capture One Express who would like to transfer their Catalog to Catalog with Capture One Pro must first deactivate their Express license and activate the Pro license, after which they will find their Catalog  in the new  software by selecting File > Open. Those who would prefer to switch to another application have three options:

  • Export the edits to formats like TIFF or JPEG.
  • Export the RAW files with or without adjustment metadata by selecting the Export Original Files option.
  • Access Finder (macOS) or File Explorer (Windows) and extract them manually

Capture One Pro is available here as a free 30-day trial download.