Canon has issued a notice on the Irista international website that it will close Irista at the end of January next year.

The announcement includes links to a comprehensive FAQ page and advice to subscribers to download their images before the closure date. According to the FAQ page, in the interim current subscribers will still be able to upload content to Irista, although it’s not recommended. New subscribers will no longer be accepted and existing subscribers are not being charged fees from the announcement date (29 October, 2019). Photo Book orders will be accepted until 14 January 2020. Shared albums will be able to be viewed up to the closure date, after which they will no longer be visible. Albums can still be shared up to that date but only via a link. All configured Wi-Fi sharing will continue to work until the service closes.

Canon recommends users of the Irista service download their stored photos and videos to their own computers. A link is provided on each subscriber’s account profile page and Canon will package the subscriber’s content into a set of zip filed of around 4GB each. All content and account-related data will be deleted from the company’s servers once Irista closes. Click here for more information.