Canon has released details of the PowerShot PICK, a palm-sized ‘smart’ camera that can automatically record Full HD 60p video and 11.7-megapixel still images.

Front and rear views of the new Canon PowerShot PICK automatic camera. (Source: Canon.)

Designed primarily for independent content creators, the PowerShot PICK can be set up to record automatically. It is able to track subjects as they move through the frame, pan and tilt to keep the subject at the centre of attention and accept voice commands, allowing hands-free control for capturing video or still images.  Content creators can place PowerShot PICK on a surface and start recording via the dedicated smartphone app. They can also use it on a hand grip and take advantage of the image stabiliser and flexible, 19-57mm pan-and-tilt zoom lens, which covers a broad field of view of 340 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically to follow the action. This makes it ideal for capturing content such as cooking, fitness and dance demonstrations as well as make-up tutorials.

The PowerShot PICK also supports USB-C charging and built-in Wi-Fi, which links to smart devices via iOS and Android apps. It will be available in Australia from 30 March, 2022, at an RRP of AU$629. Click here for more information.