Chinese lens manufacturer, AstrHori, has released details of a new 18mm f/8 probe lens for APS-C cameras, which will also be available with an M4/3 mount.

The new AstrHori 18mm f/8 2x Periprobe lens, shown with an example of the kinds of shots it can be used for. (Source: AstrHori.)

This is the second close-up probe lens from AstrHori, which previously rleased a 28mm f/13 macro probe lens as a direct competitor to the Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe lens. The 18mm f/8 lens is designed for cropped-sensor cameras with APS-C and M4/3 mounts and will be available in Sony E, Fuji X, Canon RF and EF, Nikon Z, L-mount, and Micro Four Thirds mounts. It has a working distance down to 5 mm from the subject with an angle of view of80 degrees and can deliver up to 2x magnification. The optical design contains 23 elements in seven groups and the lens has an aperture range of f/8 to f/28 plus a de-clicked aperture ring. Focusing is fully manual. The new lens weighs 712 grams and has a rotation lock that allows you to shoot in four different directions. Click here for more information.