Next-generation AV PRO CFexpress cards are now available for professional photo/videographers with capacities up to 4TB and 1700MB/sec. read plus 1500MB/sec. write speeds.

The new AV PRO CFexpress cards are distributed by Blonde Robot. (Source: Blonde Robot.)

Engineered for maximum sustained performance and with protection from overheating, the new CFexpress 2.0 Type B memory cards can operate with a reduced power draw to ensure the highest bit-rate capture of RAW video and support continuous shooting at resolutions up to 12K. The new cards are manufactured in Austria and are currently available in capacities up to 2TB, with 4TB cards to follow. The new cards are currently available in the following capacities (RRPs showing in brackets): 256GB (AU$420), 512GB (AU$720), 1TB (AU$1255) and 2TB (AU$1505). Multi-card packs with two or four cards are available at discounted prices.

In addition, a separate line of AV PRO CFexpress XT cards is offered for users requiring extended endurance for video recording, such as live broadcasting, single-take film production, complex shoots, nature filmmaking, documentary interviews, etc.  They are available in 330GB and 660GB capacities with RRPs of AU$830 and AU$1340, respectively. Discounts are available with two- and four-card packs and 1320GB cards are in the pipeline.  Enquiries should be directed to