Adobe has released updates to Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements with added AI-powered features and improvements to video production tools.

Some of the new functions provided in Adobe’s latest edition of Photoshop Elements. (Source: Adobe.)

New selection tools in Adobe Photoshop Elements make it easy to remove unwanted elements from pictures, swap backgrounds and shift and scale objects within images. AI-assistance makes it easy to edit human faces, including opening subjects’ eyes and enhancing smiles. AI-based edits also enable users to expand backgrounds, a useful feature when users want to include more in the picture or change its aspect ratio. Users can also add motion to a selected area in a stills shot and choose the direction, adjust the speed and then save your photo as an MP4 or GIF to share on social media. Moving overlays like snowflakes and sparkles can be added to images to create fun animated frames. Adobe’s Sensei processing also provides a new range of effects inspired by famous works of art or popular art styles and an extended range of sky replacement images. Automated organisation tools help users to keep their image library clutter-free and quickly locate the wanted photos.

Some of the new functions provided in Adobe’s latest edition of Premiere Elements. (Source: Adobe.)

Premiere Elements 2023 also features new AI-powered functions, including easy ways to resize videos and change their aspect ratios, separate subjects from backgrounds to enable the latter to be changed, adjust shadows and highlights across an entire clip, reduce visible noise and create stop-motion movies. Users can see the results of effects in real time without requiring rendering first – and crop videos faster – with GPU-accelerated performance boosts. They can also create the soundtracks they want with fresh audio tracks and compress their movies for easy sharing.

Both applications are available to download now with a once only price of AU$145.19 for Photoshop Elements when purchased separately or the two applications bundled for AU$219.99. Upgrades for Photoshop Elements are priced at AU$116.59 or the bundles for AU$175.99. The special students and teachers bundle for AU$175.99. Click here for more information.