The new beta version of the Adobe Express mobile app for Android and iOS introduces Adobe Firefly generative AI and new mobile editing capabilities for creating content on-the-go.

An example of the new types of content that can be created in the latest version of Adobe Express. (Source: Adobe.)

Utilising Firefly Generative Fill, Text to Image and Text Effects, plus quick and simple video editing features embedded directly into mobile workflows, the new Adobe Express mobile app makes it faster to turn creative ideas into standout content. With Generative Fill, small businesses can add new objects or remove unwanted objects from photos to improve flyers and promotional content. Creative professionals can accelerate mobile content creation across social marketing teams with brand kits and seamless collaboration. Users can edit videos and schedule content for their TikTok and Instagram channels directly from the app; students can use Text to Image to make their school projects stand out and everyone can have fun creating social media posts, posters, flyers and other items.

The new Adobe Express mobile app in beta is available for free on Android and iOS devices. Learn more about device eligibility here. During the beta, premium features are available at no cost. Android users can download the new Adobe Express app in beta from the Google Play store. Due to Apple’s restrictions on the number of beta users, iOS users can sign up here and Adobe will guide selected participants through the process. The new mobile app in beta will be available in most countries and many languages. Click here for more details.