Adobe is extending its generative AI application, Firefly, with the addition of a new Structure Reference function for applying the structure of an existing image to newly generated images.

Some examples of how Structure Reference can be used to create new images, based on the structures in existing images. (Source: Adobe.)

Structure Reference makes it easy to apply of the structure of an existing image to newly generated images, saving time by eliminating the trial and error of having to write the perfect prompt. It allows users to redesign an entire room with the click of a button by uploading a picture or sketch of an existing room and hitting ‘generate’; turn a children’s drawing into a cool image or change the style of an image – from painting to photorealistic or vice versa. Users can also colourise black and white images and line drawings and create a totally new subject that has nothing to do with the reference image, while keeping the same structure. The new tool can be combined with Style Reference to mirror both the structure and style of an image. The New Structure Reference capabilities are available today in the Firefly web application for free and paid subscribers. Click here for more information.

Adobe has also marked the first anniversary of Firefly, a web and mobile platform used globally for sparking creativity, innovation, and business growth. Within a year, the Firefly community generated over 6.5 billion images, with text prompts available in over 100 languages and Firefly web app is available in 20 languages, with more options being added in the coming months.

Firefly has been built from the ground up for direct integration into creative workflows and is natively embedded into Adobe Creative Cloud applications across Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Express, Adobe Illustrator and Substance 3D. The Firefly generative AI models were trained on licensed content, such as Adobe Stock, and public domain content where copyright has expired. Firefly models are designed to be safe for commercial use, and Adobe offers businesses the opportunity to obtain IP indemnification. Adobe is committed to developing generative AI responsibly with creators at the centre, with world-class models that enhance creative workflows. Content Credentials are automatically attached to all Firefly-generated outputs. Click here for more information.