British tripod manufacturer, 3 Legged Thing, has released a new tripod stabiliser with added functionality and extended versatility.

The new Docz2 tripod stabiliser in use as a mini tripod, supporting a DSLR camera. (Source: 3 Legged Thing.)

The Docz2 is a new version of the popular Docz foot stabiliser, which was available both as a standalone product and as part of a kit with either its Alan or Trent monopods. A 1/4-inch-20 thread mount on Docz2 replaces the 3/8-inch-16 mounting point on the Docz, ensuring ensure compatibility with a wide range of products. The Docz2 also ships with a 3/8-inch-16 adapter. This feature change enables monopods with either 1/4-inch-20 or 3/8-inch-16 threads in the foot to be used with Docz2. The addition of the smaller mount will be welcome news for owners of 3 Legged Thing Leo, Punks Brian and Punks Corey tripods, as their monopod legs will be compatible with the new version of the popular foot stabiliser.

Docz2 is made from strong alloys with a robust ABS covering and grippy rubber feet; suitable for use on a wide variety of terrains. With legs that fold upwards for transportation, Docz2 is  small enough to fit into the corner of a camera bag, yet strong enough to support up to 20 kg of camera and lens.

The new 1/4-inch-20 thread mount enables it to be used as  a mini table-top or low-level tripod, allowing users to attach their camera directly on to the ball mount. The positioning and tension of the ball mount is adjustable via the rubber foot in the base of Docz2. With the release of Docz2, 3 Legged Thing will also update its monopod kits to include the new product. AlanKit2 – featuring 3LT’s professional, carbon fibre, travel monopod, Alan, and TrentKit2 – which includes 3LT’s ultra-tall Punks aluminium monopod, Trent, will both be released at the same time.

The Docz2 is available now as a stand-alone product, with an RRP of AU$93. It is also sold bundled with the Trent tripod for AU$213 or the Alan tripod for AU$313. Click here for more information.