Anthropics Technology has released an update to its full body retouching software, PortraitPro Body, with some significant new features.


The new  PortraitPro Body 2 software makes it easy to retouch full body portraits to industry standards. (Source: Anthropics Technology.)

The new version of the software includes Warp Fixer controls that ensure the manipulation of the subject and their background as well as any overlapping elements is aligned and any distortion is prevented as the subject is adjusted. It is easier to fix any lines that become distorted without hours of manual work. PortraitPro Body 2 can now be used as a non-destructive Smart Filter in Photoshop for an efficient and easy workflow. Adjustments are savedinsideeach Photoshop session, making it easy to go back to editing any time and integrating the workflow with normal Photoshop editing. A new Lite Mode lets users apply simple skin-smoothing, face retouching, and picture edits without the need to select the subject. It’s ideal for use when only a few adjustments are required. Anthropics Technology says the new version is the fastest and most accurate PortraitPro Body ever. The software has been trained with millions of images of shapes and body to ensure the most appropriate output and the user has full manual control over the creative process. To compare the different editions of the software, visit:
PortraitPro Body is available to purchase or for a free trial from