Anthropics Technology has released version 11 of its Portrait Professional face retouching software for Windows and Mac.

The new release offers complete automation with an industry-leading accurate face and feature detector that will automatically and accurately find faces and features in photographs. Key areas for enhancement will be identified, allowing the photographer to improve the appearance of subjects without changing them radically. The process is interactive and the photographer has full creative control. They can change the mark-up and see the effect it has on the end result in real time.

With Portrait Professional 11, untrained, non-specialist users can quickly and easily:  

  • ·          Automatically find the faces in a photograph and automatically enhance all the features of the face using preset effects or sliders.
  • ·                 Automatically eliminate skin blemishes such as spots or pimples leaving completely natural-looking skin, however big the blemish.
  • ·                 Remove grease, sweat or unsightly white highlights and shine from the skin.
  • ·                 Reduce or remove wrinkles and lines, again, leaving exceptionally natural-looking skin.
  • ·                 Subtly re-shape different aspects of the face to make it slimmer and more attractive.
  • ·                 Adjust the lighting on the face to make it more flattering or remove shadows.
  • ·                 Brighten or change eye colour, and enhance whiteness of the eyes.
  • ·                 Whiten the teeth.
  • ·                 Recolour and re-shape the lips.
  • ·                 Colour, thicken and smooth hair.

Portrait Professional is being offered in three versions with Portrait Professional Studio and Portrait Professional Studio 64 building on the basic application. Details of the programs and special launch pricing can be found at