Western Digital has launched the SanDisk Professional Academy, an online community hub that offers members content, local insights, tips and training by SanDisk Professional Mentors.

The SanDisk Professional Academy offers mentorship by some of Australia’s leading creative professionals across the film, photography, music and entertainment industries. From sharing in-depth advice and video content to inspirational works in the Mentor Gallery, the Academy mentors will collaborate with members in an effort to genuinely give back to the community. Members who are eager to do the same will have the opportunity to be invited as a SanDisk Professional Mentor to contribute their tips, tricks and guidance to other members.

SanDisk Professional Academy members will also be able to build their professional profile on the platform by showcasing their best work and connecting with other members, mentors, brands and studios for potential networking and collaboration opportunities. They also gain access to exclusive benefits such as priority invites to events, discounts on SanDisk Professional products and the opportunity to join competitions, win prizes and participate in the upcoming SanDisk Professional Academy Awards.

Membership is open for those willing to grow their creative ambitions and inspire others. Click here for more information on the full list of member benefits.