The Australian Centre for Photography is launching a series of online workshops that are custom-designed for online delivery and provide tuition across many aspect of photography.

Participants can choose from a diverse range of courses spanning the gamut from novice level to professionals keen to develop new skills. Classes will be limited to eight students per course to enable participants to benefit from the guidance of expert tutors. The first of the Introductory courses, Digital Photography Basics provides hands-on guidance through the fundamentals of digital photography. Lighting Design At Home will cover new photographic opportunities unique to familiar spaces. Participants will learn how to photograph people or objects, using domestic light sources.

ACP’s Foundation courses will also be available online, starting with Camera Craft 1, one of the ACP’s most popular courses. In its new online format, it will stimulate creativity while explaining how to use a DSLR or Compact-System camera in full manual mode. Camera Craft 2 explores the technical aspects and aesthetics of light, colour and composition.

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom will explain how to download, manage, edit, correct and present photos. Students can also become a master of Photoshop with Introduction to Adobe Photoshop. Students will have Adobe licences for the length of both these courses.

The Photography of Things encourages students to develop a unique and personal object-centred visual language. On the business front, Professional Practice / Creative Entrepreneurship for Photographers will provide the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to articulate a creative venture concept.

Meanwhile, ACP is proud to offer three 1:1 online mentorship courses. 1:1 Mentorship / Stories and Projects in the Time of COVID imparts the skills necessary to get through our time of social disruption. 1:1 Mentorship / Editing Projects in the Time of COVID guides students through the power of an edit, its history and methods of presentation. And 1:1 Mentorship / Instagram Projects in the Time of COVID takes students through developing projects for one of the most pivotal image-sharing platforms of our time. Email the Australian Centre for Photography or call +61 433 865 356 for full details of courses available.