Queensland photographer Hannah Le Leu has won the grand prize in The Nature Conservancy Australia’s 2021 Photo Contest with a shot of a Green Sea Turtle hatchling striving to survive.

Against All Odds: A Green Sea Turtle hatchling cautiously surfaces for air to a sky full of hungry birds. © Hannah Le Leu/TNC Photo Contest 2021.

This year’s competition attracted more than 10,300 entries. The winning image was captured by South Australian photographer, Hannah Le Leu, during hatchling season at Heron Island in February 2021 after a tropical storm that brought out thousands of birds, making this hatchling’s journey to survive extremely challenging. Winning images in other categories are as follows:

Landscape category – Scott Portelli, NSW, Life Colour

Wildlife category – Harrison Warne, QLD, The Dragon and the Hopper

People in Nature category – Scott Portelli, NSW, Mating Season

Water category –  Lewis Burnett, WA, Manta Entourage

The winning images can be viewed at The Nature Conservancy’s website.