Birdwatchers and photographers are encouraged to join the ‘Year of the Terns’ Photo Contest, which aims to raise awareness of threats facing these enigmatic coastal birds.

The competition has been organised by the East Asian – Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP) and the Seabird Working Group, who have designated 2022 as the ‘Year of the Terns’. There are more than 150 seabird species using the East Asian – Australasian Flyway. They are facing the risk of extinction due to various threats such as incidental bycatch, overfishing, pollution, invasive species, and habitat loss. The Year of the Terns Photo Contest is open to all participants regardless of age, gender, residence and nationality. Participation in the Year of the Terns Photo Contest is free – there is no registration fee.

All entries must involve images photographed in countries within the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership’s region. The closing date for submissions is 17 September, 2022. Click here for full details in English, Bahasa Indonesia. Chinese, Japanese and Korean.