Panasonic has released firmware upgrades to fix various issues with its GH5, GH5S, G9 and GX9 cameras.

The Lumix GH5S camera. (Source: Panasonic.)
Firmware version 2.4 for the GH5 and Firmware version 1.2 for the GH5S fix a bug that stopped one-push AE working in Creative Video M mode with SS/Gain Operation set to Angle/ISO. The new firmware and firmware version 1.2 for the G9 provides  improvements to AF tracking for both stills and video shooting aimed at reducing the frequency with which focus shifts to the background. The new firmware for the  GH5S, G9 and firmware version 1.2 for the GX9 provides fixes for lag when responding to brightness changes under light sources like fluorescent lighting. The GH5 gets a model-specific fixes for bugs that could cause time code to be reset if the battery was replaced and extraction of the wrong video frame in 4K / 6K Photo modes. The ne3w firmware for the GH5S also addresses image quality issues when using Intelligent Dynamic Range control or V-LogL capture in Creative Video mode. Click here to access the support page where the new firmware is available for downloading for each camera.