Panasonic Australia will expand its 4K camera range by adding a new 4K production camera and two integrated lens camcorders.


The new Panasonic AK-UB300 production camera. (Source: Panasonic.)

The multi-purpose AK-UB300 camera is a 4K box camera, which is designed for shooting sports, live concerts and taking aerial shots as well as use in remote studios. A successor to the popular AK-HC1800 and AK-HC1500 HD box cameras, the AK-UB300 can provide 4K output (3G x 4) and HD-SDI output simultaneously.  It has a high-sensitivity/low noise large format 4K 1-inch image sensor, combined with an ultra-high quality built-in internal conversion lens, providing  compatibility with 4K & HD B4 mount lenses. This enables users to get the look and feel of a large format sensor camera with the convenience of using existing B4 lenses without the need for external adapters.

The camera uses existing 2/3-inch lenses and features high sensitivity (F10/2000lx), low noise (S/N 60dB) and dynamic range measured at 600 per cent (-6dB36dB). It is compatible with Panasonic’s comprehensive line of high-performance indoor/outdoor pan-tilt systems, and using IP live remote monitoring, up to 10 cameras can be both viewed and controlled simultaneously from a web browser. In addition to HD output, the UB300 is equipped with a simultaneous 4x3G-SDI output as standard, and can be swapped with other optional 4K outputs such as optical fibre. An HD Cropping feature allows an HD image to be cropped from the 4K picture, and the HD Cropping area can be controlled by a Panasonic remote controller. Streaming video output will be available from the UB300 in several forms and formats, and at a wide range of transmission speeds. For remote production and video acquisition, four simultaneous streams will be available in either H.264 or JPEG. Video resolutions of up to 1080/60p are available at rates of up to 24Mbps.The AK-UB300 will be available in November at an RRP of AU$38,648.


Panasonic’s new AG-UX180 fixed-lens camcorder. (Source: Panasonic.)

The new AG-UX180 camcorder is similar in design to the AK-UB300 and features a large format 4K 1-inch sensor but has a non-interchangeable 20x telephoto zoom lens. Designed for handheld use, it is ideal for  newsgathering, sports, music videos, documentaries and wildlife shooting. The AG-UX180 supports Cinema 4K (4096 x 2160) at 24p, 4K (3840 x 2160) at 50p/60p, dual 4K and FHD (via dual SD cards), Infrared and HD super slow-motion (120fps 60Hz/100fps 50Hz). Versatile and easy-to-use MOV (QuickTime), MP4 and AVCHD file formats are supported.
When recording in FHD, variable frame rate (VFR) enables 10-step recording at 2-60fps. The variety of recording modes with selectable image quality, frame rate and bit rate settings respond to a wide range of applications, from education and corporate to sports and web video. The AG-UX180 provides operators in live recording environments with the flexibility of 3G-SDI output, allowing cable connection up to 100 metres from mixers or monitors. Time Code Preset allows multiple cameras to be locked and synchronised to simplify post production. The AG-UX180 is due to go on sale in December at an RRP of AU$5,986.


The new AG-UX90  camcorder features a 15x telephoto zoom lens. (Source: Panasonic.)

Equipped with the same sensor as the AG-UX180, the new AG-UX90 camcorder covers a shorter zoom range but remains ideal for mobile shooting. The AG-UX90 supports UHD 30p and FHD 60p recording. It will be available in November at an RRP of AU$3616.    

Both the  AG-UX180 and  AG-UX90 have  two SD memory card slots  that support relay/simultaneous/backup recording for enhanced reliability as well as UHD/FHD  dual codec recording for a more efficient workflow. An enhanced Optical Image Stabiliser (O.I.S.) provides powerful correction when shooting in UHD/FHD, while the 5-Axis Hybrid Image Stabiliser is available in HD shooting. The Micro Drive Focus Unit delivers stable high-speed AF with excellent tracking performance to ensure accurate focusing, with customisable AF settings including speed, tracking sensitivity and area width.

December will also see the release of Panasonic’s new 1.5-inch viewfinder ““ the AJ-CVF50G ““ with a large display that supports continuous images so camera operators can see the entire picture within the viewfinder at all times, even when their eye is at a distance from the frame. It is compatible with the P2 Series models AJ-PX5000G, AJ-HPX3100G AJ-PX800G, AJ-PX380G, and AG-HPX610/600; and the camera systems AK-UC3000, AK-HC5000, AK-HC3500, and AK-HC3800.
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