September will see the release of Panasonic’s HC-PV100, a palm-sized Full HD camcorder with a versatile 20x zoom lens, dual SD card slots and professional controls.


Angled view of the new HC-PV100 camcorder. (Source: Panasonic.)

Priced at AU$1999, the HC-PV100 is ideal for applications such as corporate work, weddings and field production. Key features of the new camcorder include a fast, stabilised, f/1.8 20x optical zoom lens; a 6.03 megapixel, back side illumination (BSI) sensor and manual adjustment rings on the lens barrel for adjusting focus, zoom and the iris diaphragm (aperture). Two-channel XLR audio input terminals ensure high quality sound, with support for everything from external microphones requiring a phantom power supply to audio equipment with +4 dB output. An illuminated LED ring on the side of the camcorder shows when it is recording. A built-in LED video light provides a bright 300 lux  illumination at one metre. Dual SD card slots provide worry-free continuous recording and support continuous flow-on and simultaneous recording. Colour conversion and diffusion filters are provided.

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