palmOne has released a new PDA that lets users store up to 3.85 GB of multimedia data files on a portable device.


May 20, 2005: palmOne has released a new PDA that lets users store up to 3.85 GB of multimedia data files on a portable device.
The new LifeDrive mobile manager’s storage capacity is provided by a Hitachi 4GB Microdrive, where users can store 1,000 photos and 2.5 hours of video, as well as 1,200 office documents, 6,000 e-mails, 300 songs, 10,000 appointments, 10,000 contacts and 50 voicemails. A large 320 x 480 pixel Transflective TFT colour screen is provided so users can view stored images and videos. It also provides the interface for accessing music and document files. The device supports Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications, as well as Adobe Acrobat. The built-in Bluetooth technology lets users connect to compatible wireless devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and printers, while Wi-Fi technology offers broadband wireless access.
LifeDrive smart file management makes it easy for a mobile professional to work efficiently while away from the office. With four key applications – Folder Sync, File Transfer, Drive Mode and Files View, users can carry r essential desktop computer files and folders and set crucial documents to update automatically at each HotSync) operation. Flash memory preserves stored data, even if the device loses its charge. Users can also apply 128-bit encryption to selected files and password-protect access to the device. A Private Records function protects specific files, even when the rest of the mobile manager is unlocked. An optional Intrusion Protection function erases all data and returns the device to factory settings after a user-specified number of failed break-ins.
The built-in voice recorder allows users to store hands-free notes or add personal narrations to photo slideshows. The screen can rotate 90 degrees to better display landscape photos, spreadsheets, and Word documents. An expansion slot for SD, SDIO and MultiMediaCard cards allows photographers to download images from the camera’s SD memory card onto the LifeDrive mobile manager. LifeDrive includes a special version of Addit software, which provides users with on-the-go access to tips and tricks, new articles and software updates. Addit also will showcase software applications that add value and functionality for the user, such as photo editing on the go and players to support streaming media. The LifeDrive mobile manager is expected to sell in Australia for $899 and will be available in June at major retailers. For more information, visit