The first Olympus PEN camera to be announced in 17 months, the PEN-F, features the highest resolution to date in an Olympus mirrorless camera plus a built-in electronic viewfinder.


 Angled view of the new PEN-F, silver version, fitted with the M.Zuiko Digital 17mm f/1.8 lens. (Source: Olympus.)
Designed for reportage, documentary and travel photography, the PEN-F features a new 20-megapixel Live MOS sensor comes with built-in 5-Axis Image Stabilisation (IS) that offers up to 5 EV steps of shutter speed compensation. It’s also the first PEN camera with an integrated, 2,360,000-dot OLED electronic viewfinder and the first with a Creative Dial on the front panel.
Many of the features and functions introduced in previously-released OM-D cameras have been ported across to the PEN-F, including:
 1. The vari-angle LCD screen provides live view compositional flexibility

2. The Highlight & Shadow Control can now adjust mid-tones

3. Lens information for lenses without electronic contacts can be registered and recorded in the Exif metadata of recorded images (i.e. lens name, focal length and aperture value)

4. AF Target Spot Metering links AF Target and the metering area

5. The Live Composite  mode lets you capture movement of light as solid light trails without overexposure

6. Time Lapse movies can be recorded at 4K (3840 x 2160 pixel) resolution with a frame rate of 5 fps

7. The focus bracketing mode changes the focus location while capturing multiple images during sequential shooting

8. High-speed sequential shooting is supported at 10 fps with S-AF, 5 fps with C-AF, 20 fps in Silent mode

9. Live View Boost 2 makes it possible to focus and compose shots while checking distant stars in Live View during astrophotography

10. The shutter release button features a threaded socket to enable the use of a mechanical cable release.

 Check out our detailed First Look  at the new camera. We look forward to reviewing a production unit when they arrive next month.  

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