Olympus has released details of its latest rugged camera, the Stylus Tough TG-4, which is due to go on sale next month.


The red version of the new Stylus Tough TG-4. (Source: Olympus.)

Waterproof to 15 metres, dustproof and shockproof, the Stylus Tough TG-4 introduces raw file recording, a new Underwater High Dynamic Range (UW HDR) shooting mode and a dedicated UW setting on the mode selector dial. It also comes with a Live Composite shooting mode for long exposures, Autofocus (AF) point selection (via the arrow pad) and improved telephoto macro capabilities. The new Variable Macro System (VMS) includes a Microscope Mode provides sophisticated image stacking for enhanced depth of field, focus bracketing for subject isolation and manual focusing.

The new camera’s zoom lens covers focal lengths equivalent to 25-100mm in 35mm format with maximum apertures ranging from f/2 to f/4.7. It can focus down to one centimetre in macro mode and at 30 cm with the lens set to 100mm. The TG-4 can also be used as a digital microscope with up to 44.4x magnification available in the Microscope Control mode. AF Target selection is included for more convenient macro shooting. The TG4 also features CMOS Shift Image Stabilisation using similar algorithms to the OM-D and PEN series cameras

Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi enable convenient geo-oriented imaging. Precise GPS accuracy is ensured through dual GLONASS and QZSS compatibility. The camera also includes an electronic compass, barometer and altimeter.  Users can share images on networks via smart-phones running Olympus OI.Track and OI-Share apps (iOS and Android). The camera can also be controlled remotely from a smart-phone via WiFi with the OI.Share app.

Other features include a Time Lapse Movie function for fixed-point observation shooting of flowers opening, the movement of people, and the movement of clouds. High-speed movie recording is also available for capturing high speed action then displaying it with slow motion playback. Seven Art Filters are available for in-camera creativity.  Two custom modes (C1, C2) on the mode dial allow users to save favourite settings.


The black version of the Stylus Tough TG-4 with the fish-eye converter lens fitted. (Source: Olympus.)

The Olympus Stylus TG-4 will be available in Black and Red from May, 2015 at an RRP of AU$499. Related accessories include a sport holder, a silicone jacket, a light guide and fish-eye and tele converter lenses.