Olympus is re-launching its popular OM-D E-M1 camera with new firmware and a silver and black body.


The new OM-D E-M1, silver version, shown without a lens. (Source: Olympus.)

The new firmware (version 2.0) has been developed in response to photographers’ requests and adds five significant enhancements along with more than 20 additional tweaks to improve different aspects of performance. Notable improvements include:
 1. Full support for tethered shooting using a new Olympus Capture app, which will be available as a free download in late September.
 2. Digital perspective control via a new Keystone Compensation function that eliminates the need for tilt/shift lenses and gives photographers easy perspective correction with any lens that can be fitted to the camera.
 3. The Live Composite shooting mode, which was introduced on the E-M10 is now available on the E-M1. It supports exposures up to three hours and is ideal for photographing star trails and lightning strikes.
 4. Two new Art Filters ““ Partial Colour and Vintage (which were introduced with the PEN-E-PL7) ““ have been added to the camera’s palette, along with a new ‘Shade’ Art Effect.
 5. Firmware v. 2.0 also reduces the EVF’s lag from 26ms to 16ms. This improves the camera’s performance for high-speed action and sport photography.

Owners of the original E-M1 camera can easily upgrade their cameras to the new firmware by downloading it and installing it via the Olympus Digital Camera Updater app on their computers (connected to the internet). This app is installed automatically with Olympus Viewer, which is provided with every camera and also downloadable from www.olympus.com.au. This app and the new V. 2.0 firmware are available free of charge.

The silver version of the E-M1 (which will have the new firmware pre-installed) is scheduled to go on sale from mid-October at the same RRP as the existing black version of the camera.