The National Photographic Portrait Prize 2019 exhibition will open at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra on 23 February 2019.

The exhibition will show 40 compelling images selected as finalists for this year’s National Portrait Prize, including the portraits featured below.

Greta In Her Kitchen, 36 weeks, 2018 by Alana Holmberg
Artist statement: ‘Pregnancy carried my sister into a new chapter of her life and she welcomed it warmly. Effortlessly. Ready for things to change. We’d spent much of our late twenties debating the ‘right time’, if there was even such a thing, but she’d found it. This portrait is an attempt to depict the tranquillity in Greta’s transition into motherhood, and her trust in the future.’

Stephen Dupont, 2018 by Simon Harsent
Artist statement: ‘I first met Stephen Dupont eight years ago; I regard him as one of Australia’s finest photographers. I’ve always found Stephen a very humble and passionate person – sometimes aloof, but in an intriguing way. When I saw his one-man show a few years ago, I saw a different side of him, and it gave me some insight, some partial understanding of the complexities of being a war photographer. To me, this portrait sums up the complex intensity of Stephen. Coincidentally, the sitting took place on September 11th this year (2018), a date in history that holds significance for both of us.’

Unbreakable, 2018 by Dave Laslett
Artist statement: ‘Valerie was taken from her family in Maree, along with her sisters, and subsequently placed in the Umeewarra Mission. A proud Wangkangurru/Lower Southern Arrernte woman, she put Native Title meetings before her health, travelling across the vast country of South Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory to attend them. She was proud when, on the 3rd of October 2014, the Wangkangurru Native Title claim received a Consent Determination ruling, returning rights to 79,600 square kilometres of land to the original people of this country. In the face of advanced cancer, Valerie stands strong and proud, knowing she has lived a life of meaning.’

The winner and highly commended photographers will be announced on Friday 22 February, after which voting will begin for a People’s Choice Award.

National Photographic Portrait Prize 2019 will tour around Australia following the National Portrait Gallery exhibition.

See further information on the National Portrait Gallery website.