Nokia’s new 808 Pure View camera-phone sports a 1/1.2-inch sensor that delivers an image resolution of 7728 x 5368 pixels or 41 megapixels.

The sensor in the Nokia 808 Pure View is larger than the sensors in current digicams, including high-end models like the Panasonic DMC-LX5 and Canon PowerShot G12. A Zeiss-branded lens provides a focal length equivalent to 28mm for 4:3 aspect ratio photos or 26mm for 16:9.


The diagram above, reproduced from a white paper published by Nokia shows the image circle of the sensor for 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

Like most camera-phones, the Nokia 808 Pure View supports digital zoom via cropping, enabling users to zoom in while maintaining a sharp image. The default still image setting is 5-megapixels at 16:9. For video, the default is 1080p at 30 frames/second. With no zoom, the full area of the sensor corresponding to the aspect ratio is used. The camera uses ‘oversampling’ (which appears to be similar to pixel binning) to reduce image sizes while maintaining the ability to use all the data provided by the pixel array. It provides up to 3x lossless zoom for stills, 4x zoom in Full HD (1080p) video mode, up to 6x zoom for 720p video and up to 12x zoom for VGA video clips.


Two views of the new Nokia 808 Pure View camera-phone.

Pixel oversampling retains image detail without introducing artefacts, such as noise. Nokia claims visual noise is ‘almost non-existent’ in shots taken in good lighting and images are ‘detailed and defined’. Distortion is also negligible and the larger sensor enables users to shoot with faster shutter speeds to minimise camera shake and  maximise the effective flash range. Full details of the 808 Pure View are available in Nokia’s white paper, which can be downloaded from  For more information, visit

Published specifications are as follows:
Sensor: 1/1.2-inch, with 7728 x 5368 pixels (41-megapixel total ), 1.4 micron pixel pitch
Lens: Carl Zeiss 8.02mm f/2.4 lens with 5 elements in one group (26mm equivalent for 16:9, 28mm for 4:3)
Zoom: 3x for stills, 4x for 1080p video
Focus range: 15 cm to infinity throughout the zoom range
Shutter: Mechanical shutter with neutral density filter