Canon and Nikon have independently launched online educational programs aimed at helping photographers to improve their expertise.

The #NikonInFocus series of programs will be open to all members of My Nikon Life, Nikon Australia’s online photography community. Each month a new photographer or film maker will be featured and members can use the Google+ platform ‘Hangout’ functionality (live online group chat), to interact with them in a ‘face-to-face’ environment. The first photographer in the series is American photographer, Joe McNally. The second will be David Dare Parker. Members of My Nikon Life can access both programs through the My Nikon Life pages on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Canon’s new Canon Academy has been established to provide an extensive series of face-to-face meetings and workshops  and online courses to EOS photographers of all levels. Canon has partnered with URCreative, the photography training division of the Creative Institute of Australia, to lead Canon Academy’s portfolio of courses and workshops. The content will offer a variety of experiences to suit the needs and lifestyles of aspiring photographers as well as those people simply wanting to get more out of their Canon EOS DSLR camera. It will include five types of courses, six workshops and two online offerings in almost 30 locations around Australia to complement the brand’s existing online tutorials available via the Canon World of EOS. The Canon Academy website can be accessed now at