Blackmagic Design tells us its Pocket Cinema Camera is now shipping and it has cut US$1000 from the price of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.


The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. (Source: Blackmagic Design.)

The company has posted a software update for the Pocket Cinema Camera on the support page of its website offering some worthwhile improvements to the focusing system. Users  can now focus by pushing the focus button when using an active MFT lens. This makes it very easy to accurately focus. The focus peaking feature is retained and enabled by double pressing the focus button. The focus zoom feature is enabled by double pressing the OK button.  


Angled rear view of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF showing the large touchscreen monitor. (Source: Blackmagic Design.)
From today (3 August, 2013) the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF and MFT models will be reduced in price to US$1,995. All orders placed that have not yet been filled can be reduced to the new lower price.    Features of this camera include a super fast SSD recorder, rechargeable battery, and a large 5-inch LCD touchscreen monitor. For high end work, filmmakers can shoot in uncompressed 12 bit CinemaDNG RAW. The camera’s high resolution and dynamic range provide greater creative control for Hollywood style colour correction with the included DaVinci Resolve software.

The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K is not yet shipping due to delays in the delivery of the first batch of sensors, which held up the finalisation of the software for the camera. The company expects shipping to commence within about three to four weeks of the final software work and testing being completed.

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