Canon has announced the release of the Remote Controller RC-V100 and new firmware updates for Canon professional cinema cameras and camcorders, which will take place over the next few months.

The Remote Controller RC-V100 will go on sale June 2014. It is compatible with the XF305/XF300 professional HD camcorders and five cameras in Canon’s Cinema EOS System digital cinematography line-up: the EOS C500/C500PL, EOS C300/C300PL and EOS C100. It allows users to remotely control a wide variety of functions built into the cameras, as well as adjust and set various controls, such as exposure and white balance.

The new firmware updates target the XF305/XF300 professional HD camcorders and six Cinema EOS System cameras: the EOS C500/C500PL, EOS C300/C300PL, EOS C100 and EOS-1DC. The upgrades respond to a range of specialised professional needs across a range of fields, from motion-picture production to video journalism. They also enable the RC-V100 to be used with most of Canon’s professional cinema cameras and camcorders and, for the EOS C300 supports the camera’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology.   For the EOS C100, the firmware update provides support for the Continuous Recording mode. (This firmware update is fee-based; the remainder are free of charge.)

The new firmware updates for the XF305/XF300 professional HD camcorders and EOS C500/C500PL, EOS C300/C300PL and EOS C100 Cinema EOS System cameras will be made available in February, May and June 2014, depending on the model and function. The first updates will appear on Canon’s website today and apply to the EOS C100. They cover the Continuous AF and Continuous Recording functions. Following in March is an update for the EOS-1DC, which adds Peripheral Illumination Correction. May will see updates for the EOS C300 and C300PL cameras, which provide Continuous AF and Peripheral Illumination Correction and add support for the Remote Controller RC-V100. The XF305 and XF300 camcorders will also gain support for the Remote Controller RC-V100 in a May update. In June, updates will be released for the EOS C100 and the EOS C500/C500PL to add Peripheral Illumination Correction and support for the RC-V100.  For more information, visit