LaserSoft Imaging has extended its SilverFast 8 scanning software with a new Printer Calibration module that uses the existing scanner as a measuring instrument.

The Printer Calibration tool is able to create an individual profile for every printer, ink and paper combination and offers the option of editing the generated profile to meet the user’s requirements. This inherently complex task of colour space adaptation is very easy to handle.
As a starting point, the scanner will automatically calibrate using the patented IT8-Calibration. Afterwards, the user prints a full Gamut Printing Profile Target with more than 1,000 tonal values. Once this profile target has been scanned, SilverFast will automatically generate an ICC-Profile for the selected printer, ink and paper combination, and then store them in the system colour register. This way it is guaranteed that your printer takes advantage of the entire array of colours at all times. Users can adjust profiles by selecting the most neutral tonal values according by observations. After this, SilverFast will compute a personal user profile and save it. This workflow ensures complete control of the colour settings for all users, whether a professional photographer with a fine art printer or serious enthusiast.

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