The new SmartMyk Windshield is designed to reduce noise pick-up by external microphones when recording movies with a DSLR camera.


The new SmartMyk Windshield in use. (Source: MyMyk.)

It slips over the microphone and is made from open-cell reticulated foam, with an integral fur cover. When fitted, this cover can reduce wind-noise up to 20 dB without any adverse effect on high-frequency audio recordings. It will also protect the microphone. Both the acoustic foam and synthetic fur are made from UV and moisture resistant materials especially designed and manufactured for this purpose. Advanced materials, adhesives and assembly techniques all combine to make this an extremely durable product.
The SmartMyk Windshield can be used in the most difficult of environments. Local price is AU$79, including GST. It is available from leading camera stores Australia-wide.