This month saw the release of a new range of improved and redesigned LensPen cleaning products.

The new products will be shorter than the original versions, with a more stylish contoured body design and a new twist cap that replenishes the carbon tip providing a longer lifespan.

The LensPen SensorKlear Loupe Kit combines a magnifying SensorKlear Loupe with a SensorKlear II pen to make it easy to clean dust and dirt from camera sensors. 


The Sidekick cleaning tool for removing fingerprints and smearing from touch screens. (Source: LensPen.)

The Sidekick provides an easy and effective way to remove fingerprints and smearing from touch screen devices like tablet PCs. 

The LensPen DSLR Pro kit comprises three special tools: the DigiKlear pen for cleaning LCD monitors and the FilterKlear pen for removing dust and fingermarks from filters.

A smaller Micro Pro pen provides similar cleaning facilities for viewfinder eyepieces.


The three special-purpose tools in LensPen DSLR Pro kit. (Source: LensPen.)

LensPen (Parkside Optical Inc.), located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is the originator of the LensPen product line, which uses a patented cleaning material and replenishing system. Full product details are available at  (Australian distribution