JOBY has introduced two new versatile camera straps that will suit DLSRs and mirrorless Compact System Cameras (CSCs).


The JOBY UltraFit Hand Strap with UltraPlate in use. (Source: JOBY.)

The UltraFit Hand Strap with UltraPlate is designed to enable photographers to transition between handheld shooting and capturing composed shots on a tripod. Featuring UltraFit Layered-Pad Technology, the hand strap is lightweight and compatible with standard and pro DSLRs with or without a battery grip. The strap conforms to the shape of the photographer’s hand and photographers can keep the hand strap attached to their camera while mounting it to a tripod or using another camera strap. The UltraPlate features a universal tripod quick-release plate with built-in Arca-Swiss compatibility, along with two additional 1/4″-20 screw mounts. It also carries a Universal camera shoulder lug.




124mm x 63mm x 20mm


Nylon; EVA foam; machined aluminium; stainless steel

Expect to Pay:      


The DSLR Wrist Strap is a simple cinching wrist strap designed for DSLRs or mirrorless/CSCs. Weighing only 10 grams, this strap consists of a braided cord with a smooth finish, which is designed to automatically tighten around the wrist if the camera is dropped. The DSLR Wrist Strap comes in one adjustable size to fit most wrists and in two colours: charcoal and neon green. RRP is $18.95.

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