After taking down links to firmware v2.0 for the ILCE-7M3 and ILCE-7RM3 cameras in October, Sony has released firmware v2.10 to correct an identified bug.

The ILCE-7RM3 is one of two Sony cameras to gain an important firmware update. (Source: Sony.)

Sony removed Version 2 of the firmware from its Support pages because it was said to cause photographers to lose ARW.RAW photos recorded with both cameras, particularly when the photographer recorded to  an SD card that had been used multiple times. Affected cameras would cease functioning while attempting to write the image to the card, causing the image data to be lost. According to Sony, the fault ‘may also cause abnormalities in the files managing the images, preventing the images from displaying on the camera‘. These problems have been corrected in the new firmware v2.10 update.

Users of either camera should check whether they have installed firmware v2.0, update to v2.10 as soon as possible. Click here to access the downloads for the ILCE-7M3  downloads  or here for the ILCE-7RM3 downloads.