The Australian Centre for Photography has announced a series of new exhibitions that will open between the end of August and mid-October 2015.


Jungho Jung, Ice Chaosmos II, 2014. Courtesy and © the artist.

Fragments  presents a selection of recent works by South Korean artist Jungho Jung, focusing upon the element of water in its various states.  His black and white images have been drawn from his wanderings into snowfields, around water dams and include the microscopic environment inside an ice cube evoking the tension between the visible and invisible, between being and nothingness.

DYE 2, is a new video installation produced by photographer Murray Fredericks and sound artist Tom Schutzinger, who have spent sustained periods of time in Greenland, experiencing the immensity and adversity of the environment before focusing on an abandoned nuclear missile detection facility. The resulting work takes the viewer to the edge of the world, space and time, capturing a space where history has dissolved in an unbounded void.

The Emerging Artist Program features the ongoing series Play by Sarah Rhodes, who has followed the same group of children since 2008, photographing them within a forest void of adults. The group appear less as children playing, and more as survivalists creating a new community in a dystopian world in which they appear as the masters of their own destiny.

Part of ACP’s Street Screen Program, Alexander James’ Weathersounds links ideas of the atmosphere to the body. The work fuses footage of clouds with more orchestrated performances by a cellist, a contemporary dancer and a calligrapher. Following this, Christopher Phillips exhibits Surface Tension, an evolving slideshow of still images that centres on the representation of slowness, reduction and tranquillity.

These exhibitions are open to the public free of charge between 10am and 5pm Tuesday to Saturday and 12noon to 5pm on Sunday.

The gallery is located at 257 Oxford Street,  Paddington, NSW 2021.

See ACP website  or phone (02) 9332 0555 for more information.