Photolemur for Mac is a new Artificial Intelligence based photo enhancement tool that can quickly process dozens of photos automatically.


 Photolemur can automatically determine the best adjustments to make to digital photos. (Source: Photolemur.)

Using new technology which recognises objects, faces, trees, sky, foliage, etc., it can differentiate between portraits, landscapes and macro photographs and apply the right enhancements for those images. Artificial Intelligence is used to learn the enhancements the user prefers and help speed up the editing process. There is almost no human

involvement. Behind the scenes, Photolemur analyses millions of pixels per second, identifying individual features and automatically making enhancements. Images are made ready for sharing directly to social media.
 The following enhancements are applied automatically:

Automatic colour recovery brings back lost colours and makes your images pop in

the way you remember the scene.

Sky Enhancement delivers more natural and vivid clouds and skies.

Exposure Compensation automatically detects and compensates for inaccurate

exposure settings that may have affected your photos, making dark images brighter

and vice versa.

Smart Dehaze automatically detects and removes unnatural haze, fog, mist, dust or

smog, enhancing the colors and overall look of your photos without being


Natural Light Correction considers the time of day of your photos and adjusts

tones, exposure and contrast to bring out the natural colours and lighting.

Foliage Enhancement automatically picks out individual trees, leaves and any

other kind of plant or shrub and adjusts colors, sharpness and other features.

Noise Reduction automatically finds and removes unwanted digital noise that is

most often created by slow shutter speeds in low light situations.

Tint Perfection automatically analyses your photos to find the best tint, depending

on several variables, including the image and its composition

JPG Fix automatically brings back the lost detail that can happen when you save to JPEG format.

Face recognition automatically detects faces, then works to clean up any imperfections or blemishes.

Horizon Straightening automatically analyses and adjusts for any slightly crooked horizons or backgrounds.

Batch processing is available for up to 40 Photos. More than 800 cameras are supported for raw file processing. Photolemur can also be used as a plugin for Apple Photos Extension.

Photolemur for Mac is now available and a  Windows version will be available in early 2017. Mobile, online and corporate versions of Photolemur are being developed for launch during 2017.